Coaching Programs


PRIVATE LESSONS - the ultimate way to learn, 
greatly improving all your tennis skills at a faster rate.
Improve your technique, work on tactics, footwork as well as improving 
your rally's and matchplay skills and learn tennis etiquette.
Available: any day / any time - book a time to suit you! 
See our Coach's page & pick your coach also!
1/2hr $45, 1hr $75 
Daily 7am-7pm
KIDS GROUPS - HOTSHOTS Program Incorporated into all Kids Coaching
Red Ball 4-6yrs, Orange Ball 6-9yrs, Green Ball 9-12yrs
Jnr Pennant Playing Standard
If there isn't a Group time that suits you please ask, as Groups can be formed at a time and day to suit you. 
Minimum 6 kids & maximum 8 kids per court.
8 week program's held every school term - FREE HotShots shirt included. SEE DATES BELOW.....
$150 for Red/Orange/Green and $180 for Pennant Standard
ADULT GROUPS - CARDIO TENNIS incorporated into all Adult Coaching
Great fun way to improve your skills and to meet other like minded adults.
$15 per person, per session
Monday's 6-7pm
DRILL SQUADS - Gold, Silver and Bronze Drill & Fitness Squads
Gold - open to all ages - based on standard - mini boot 
Silver - Green Ball standard - consistency drills & placement
Bronze - Orange Ball standard - basic drills & court position
This is based on standard more than age - all drill squads are by invitation.
If you are interested in joining - ask your coach!
$15 per person, per session
Wednesday's 6-7pm
JUNIOR PENNANT PRACTICE - for current / past / intending players
Come & have match practice in a supervised environment against all standards of players.
We have the Belmont Club Ladder running each week - play against your team mates 
or even the players in the teams above you and move up the ladder. 
The more match's you play - the quicker you will improve....
The tougher the opposition - the quicker you will improve....
You learn more from your losses, than you do your wins....
$10 per session
Friday's 5-7pm
HITTING PARTNER - a great work out, fantastic for consistency
You choose the surface - grass or 
hard courts and choose your coach/hitting partner.
Great way to loosen up for the coming season.
Fantastic way to ensure you have someone competitive to hit against on a consistent basis.
Can do drills / just hit / play match's. 
Way more fun than the hitting wall....
1/2hr $35, 1hr $50
Daily 7am-7pm
BALL MACHINE - a fantastic work out, great for fitness!
Speed capacity ranges from 15-30km per hour. 
Use the machine for working on individual strokes or get the full work out 
and use the random mode which sweeps the court horizontally and vertically!
Fee includes: set up, balls and court hire.
1/2hr $20, 1hr $30
Daily 7am-7pm
HOLIDAY CLINICS - held each School Holiday - all ages & standards
Red Ball 4-6yrsOrange Ball 6-9yrsGreen Ball 9-12yrs
Jnr Pennant Playing Standard
Included is all tennis skills, drills, match's, technique & FUN.
Come join other kids in a fun & safe environment each school holidays.
Included in price is morning tea: fruit, biscuits, cordial daily.
9-11am Monday to Friday. SEE DATES BELOW.....
$150 for week or $40 daily fee
RESTRINGS - large range of strings available with fast and professional service
Cost starts from $35
RACQUETS - for sale - both Junior & Adults, 
all brands available:
Yonex, Head, Wilson, Babolat, Prince...
EQUIPMENT - grips / overgrips / vibration dampners / worms / racquets / clothing / shoes etc
All at competitive pricing!

TERM 3, 2017 

7.00am-7.00pm     Private Lessons - available year round
4.00-5.00pm           Kid's Groups    2 to 4 courts     Red / Orange / Green Ball  $150        
24th July to 11th September
5.00-6.30pm           Kid's Groups    2 to 6 courts     Jnr Pennant Playing Standard  $180  
24th July to 11th September
6.00-7.00pm           Adult Group     1 to 2 courts      All standards welcome - $15 per session - run all year round 

7.00am-7.00pm     Private Lessons available year round

7.00am-7.00pm     Private Lessons available year round
4.00-5.00pm           Kid's Groups     1 to 2 courts     Red / Orange / Green Ball  $150       
26th July to 13th September
6.00-7.00pm           Drill Squad's       2-4 courts, actively running during school terms - $15 per session

7.00am-7.00pm     Private Lessons available year round

7.00am-7.00pm     Private Lessons 
available year round
Kid's Groups        
2 to 4 courts     Red / Orange / Green Ball  $150       
28th July to 15th September
Junior Pennant Practice           
2 to 6 courts     Current / Past / Future pennant players 
- run during school term

7.00am-7.00pm      Private Lessons 
available year round
Kid's Groups       
2 to 4 courts     Red / Orange / Green Ball  $150        
29th July to 16th September
7.00am-7.00pm      Private Lessons 
available year round

registrations open...

Term 2          Monday 10th to Friday 14th July (5 daly clinic - $150)
Term 3           
Monday 2nd to Friday 6th October (5 daly clinic - $150)


TERM 4, 2017
Monday's         16th October to 4th December
Wednesday's   18th October to 6th December
Friday's            20th October to 8th December
Saturday's        21st October to 9th December

registrations open...

Term 4           
Monday 18th to Friday 22nd December (5 daly clinic - $150)
Wednesday 27th to Friday 29th December (3 daly clinic - $90)
Early 2018    
Monday 22nd to Friday 26th January 2018 (5 daly clinic - $150)

Bookings are Essential for all coaching programs via:
 Phone/Text: 0412 313 823
Form: download, fill out & bring with $$ on week 1
All prices are inclusive of GST.